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Will Anyone Take My Dog?

Now that I’m giving up my mortgage-free lifestyle to chase a new job opportunity, the hunt for housing begins.

My goal is to buy property in my new city, but at first I will be renting.

In the past week,  I have accepted a job, listed my condo and went under contract on it. The only (major) puzzle piece missing is where to live.

I’ve spent many hours checking Craigslist in search of a suitable home for me and my frugal dog Lucy.

My requirements include:

  • Safe
  • Close to mass transit (train or bus)
  • Reasonably priced
  • No roaches
  • Pet-friendly

Without a doubt, my biggest challenge has been finding a place that is pet-friendly. In fact, it has been very discouraging at times.

What I’ve learned is that most of the big apartment complexes have no desire to rent to pet owners, not even Lucy!

Those that do allow pets will charge (a lot) for the privilege.

Some places I’ve found will charge up to $1,000 in non-refundable fees for pet owners, plus “pet rent” of $65/month.

That’s when I began seeking housing from private condo owners.

There are fewer options to choose from, but the listings by these types of landlords seem more reasonable.

Finally, I think I’ve found a place for us to call home. The rent is not cheap, but they’re only charging me an additional $29 a month for my dog.

I feel lucky to have found this particular building.

While I understand why some landlords may hesitate to allow pets, I wish there were more options for pet owners.

Lesson learned: Have a pet? Rent in a condo.

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