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Time to switch? Sprint slashes bills in half

I recently took advantage of Sprint’s promotion that cut my wireless bill in half. In my case, that meant leaving Verizon, which charged me roughly $100 a month for 2 GB of data. Now, I am getting 3 GB of data per month with Sprint, along with a new phone, for $45 a month.

On top of cutting my bill in half, Sprint bought out my contract. I will be receiving a $310 American Express card in the mail to reimburse me for my cancellation fee with Verizon.

I am also eligible for up to $100 for turning in my old phone to Sprint and $50 for the agreement on my new phone, which is included in the $45 a month price.

I know there have been concerns about Sprint in the past, especially compared to Verizon, which has a powerful network. I happen to live in an area where Sprint works just fine, and they have completed an upgrade recently.

In addition, you may recall that I also use Republic Wireless for my business phone, which is a great low-cost option if you are not picky about the phone you use and you are able to rely on Wi-Fi most of the time. Republic Wireless uses Sprint’s network when you are not on Wi-Fi, so I had plenty of indirect experience with Sprint even before signing on as an “official” customer.

Sprint’s offer was due to expire in early 2016, so the sign up link (click here) might not work. The rates are effective until 2018.

Even if this offer is not for you, the new year is a good opportunity to take a look at all of your budget categories to see where you can save money. With Wi-Fi more readily available, you might not need as much data as you are paying for. Also, the wireless companies have been overcharging us for years. Second-tier companies, such as Republic Wireless, are really giving Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile a run for their money. Use that leverage to your advantage.

If you care to share your experience with Sprint or any of the other big carriers, feel free to leave a message below or contact me on Facebook and Twitter.


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