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Review: My $25/Month Republic Wireless Plan

The wireless carrier war between T-Mobile and AT&T got me thinking about what I pay to use a smartphone. A long-time Verizon customer, my bill shot up to $110 a month. And that’s for ONE PHONE.

The first thing I did was call Verizon to see if they would negotiate a lower rate. The short answer was NO. They offered a lower price only if I changed my data plan.

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That’s when I took a leap of faith on a carrier called Republic Wireless. Never heard of them?

I’ve heard Clark Howard talk about Republic Wireless on the radio. $25 a month for unlimited talk, text and data. You pay $299 for the phone.

This is my $299 Moto X phone specially configured for Republic Wireless
This is my $299 Moto X phone specially configured for Republic Wireless

 One month in, I’m  fairly pleased with the service. (5/24 Update: All is still good and I’m living in a new city. Service is strong.)

As explained by CNET, Republic Wireless is different. My Moto X phone is programmed to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. When it’s not available, it defaults to Sprint’s network. I’ve experienced a few dropped calls on Sprint’s network. Calls made over Wi-Fi have been flawless.

TIP: Check Sprint’s coverage map before you proceed.

The phone itself, the Moto X, has received universal praise. It does everything I need it to and has been easy to configure. As a former iPhone user, my main problem has been sending and receiving text messages with some iPhone users on my Android device. Apparently, this is a known issue.

TIP: Switching from an iPhone to an Android on any carrier? Disable iMessage before you sell your phone to avoid this issue.

Moving to Republic Wireless has saved me $85 a month or $1,020 a year. I was able to keep my phone number, too. After I canceled Verizon, I sold my iPhone for about $300 using Nextworth.com. That was more than enough to cover my early termination fee.

TIP: Changing carriers? Do it near the end of your billing cycle if you have a contract. You could be on the hook for the rest of the month’s charges.

Overall, I give Republic Wireless an 8 out of a 10. Aside from a few dropped calls and the texting trouble in the beginning, it has been a great value for $25.  I don’t see myself switching back to Verizon anytime soon, but at least I know the other carriers are offering big incentives (T-Mobile’s $650 offer) if I ever need to go back. If you’re paying too much for your wireless plan and have $299 to pay for the Moto X phone, this might be a good option to consider.

Have an experience with Republic Wireless or the Moto X? Share it below.

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  1. I’ve been on the Republic Wireless MotoX 4G $40 plan. I came from ten years of Verizon and one year of Nexus 4 with T-Mobile and Gosmart. I’ve dropped a few calls. What’s annoying is my work office is on a low floor of building so I have to place my phone in a strategic location to get a signal. It worked well on higher floor in same building. I received an email stating that data roaming will be capped at 25mb/month. I may switch to my wife’s new Verizon Loyalty plan that’s $50/mo for talk/text/1GB data.

  2. Thanks for sharing your review of RW. I have been looking at them but so far I am happy with Ting. as a light user of phone/text Ting seemed to be the best way to go for me. Right now we pay about $27 a month for two phones and the quality is great. It is not unlimited but we never go over 500 minutes of talk time nor 100 texts in any month. Besides, if we ever need more, we just use wifi for calling and text and it’s free.
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  3. How is your Verizon $110 for one phone? I’m with Philip on the Loyalty Plan. While I know I could get a bit cheaper than $50/month, I’m willing to pay for the strong signal almost anywhere I go.

    • It was $110 after taxes for one phone. That was in 2013, though. Prices have gone down for all 4 carriers this year. I don’t have any signal troubles with my Republic Wireless plan.

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