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Open House: Tour My Mortgage-Free Home

Since launching Save on (Almost) Everything, I’ve shared a lot of details about my $86,000 mortgage that I paid off in just 2 years.

I often wonder what folks picture when they read that amount.

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Until now, I’ve only told you that it’s located in the middle of a major city, there’s one bedroom and it’s just under 700 square feet.

Now, I want to invite you to my open house.

If you’re wondering why the condo looks a little “plain” at the moment, there’s a good reason. I’ll reveal why if you read on…

But first, come on in!

Now, for some news. I can’t believe it, but I’m giving up my mortgage-free lifestyle less than 4 years after falling in love with this little place.

It’s time for me and my frugal dog Lucy to relocate to a new city. Actually, my hometown.

I came to my current city in June 2010 for a job. I’ve made a lot of memories here, but I’m moving to a city that has more to offer me in the long-run.

The phone rang Wednesday with a job offer. I listed my place Friday. Today I went under contract.

I’m fortunate that I bought my place at the bottom of the market. It has increased in value substantially as our economy has improved.

I’ll admit, moving at this time doesn’t make financial sense. It does make life sense, though.

My writing may be sporadic over the next couple of weeks, but Save on (Almost) Everything will continue to grow.

As always, I’m grateful for your support.


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