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$240 Internet Savings with One Phone Call

Hardly a week goes by without receiving a junk mail offer from Xfinity. Comcast must really want me to make the switch to them for TV and internet service.

The best offer: $39.99 before taxes for basic cable TV and internet, for an introductory period.

But as I’ve already explained, I have no desire to watch cable TV. I dropped it three years ago. I do have a need for wireless internet. That’s with AT&T.

When I first joined AT&T in 2010, I received a low $19.95 introductory rate. Now, I pay $62 a month.

Tip: Call customer service first thing in the morning to avoid long wait times

Tip: Call customer service first thing in the morning to avoid long wait times

I decided to see how much my loyalty to AT&T was really worth to them. I dialed customer service and told them the following:

“I have been an AT&T customer since 2010. Recently I’ve received offers for faster service at a low introductory price. Before I make the switch, I wanted to see if there is anything you could do for me?”

The customer service representative put me on a brief hold.

When she came back, I was offered $20 off my bill in exchange for a one-year commitment.  I jumped at the offer. Total savings: $240 a year for a 10 minute phone call.

This is a competitive industry. Know that you’re in the power position. The customer service representatives are willing to reduce your bill to keep you as a customer.

Have you successfully negotiated a lower bill for a service? Share your story.


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