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I Saved 90% on Pet Vaccinations

The headline is not a typo.

I recently brought my dog to the vet for her annual vaccinations, and the total cost to me was $20.

How did I save 90% off her pet vaccinations? I skipped her ordinary vet.

Since relocating back to D.C., I have been taking Lucy to a very expensive vet in the city, which quoted me $200 for vaccinations.

Instead, I went to the local clinic that serves people of all income levels.Washington Humane Society

Most major cities offer vaccination clinics from time to time, and there are some pet retailers that offer vaccination specials as well.

I wrote about my experience at the clinic last year, but this year was different.

I rented a car and took Lucy to the Washington Humane Society a few minutes before they opened on a Saturday.

Unfortunately, there was a line out the door.

I “took a number” and waited outside with everyone else until someone opened the door and shouted my number, 929.

Once inside, the process took only a few minutes.

Not only did the veterinarian give my dog the vaccines that she needed, she also recommended some treats (Virbac) for my dog’s teeth.

Upon checkout, I left a donation to help support the organization.

I have nothing against traditional vets, but this is an example of how they can overcharge for services just because they can.

Have you taken advantage of a low-cost vaccine clinic? Share below.

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  1. Sir, you may want to look into tithers test ,for your family member. We will no longer need to vaccinate ours, as its immune, as I am to childhood disease. Chickenpox etc. Will Falconer DVM, & others, clearly state the reality. P.S. the last pet hospital I went to had a suggestion of 8 vaccinations DUE* These were & Are profitable, IMO, there’s a good likelihood disease will follow prematurely. However most dont do post mortem on their pets, but the correlation between vaccination after Vaccination, is clear to us & ours. Best Regards

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