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42 Ways to Save More, Spend Less in 2015

Hope your year is off to a great start. I wanted to expand on some of the tips in my Get Rich Guide by providing this list of ways to save more and spend less in 2015:

  1. Take the bus to work as much as possible. Cost: $3.50 roundtrip.
  2. Pay for public transportation using my Discover it card to earn 5% cash back from January to March.
  3. Walk whenever possible instead of taking a cab.
  4. Use Dave Ramsey’s insurance comparison service at my renewal date in March to make sure I’m getting the lowest rates. This is for all types of insurance. (Link to Dave Ramsey)
  5. Hang curtains to control light that comes into my condo. Doing so will reduce the air conditioning bill in the summer.
  6. Take my dog to the low-cost vaccine clinic when her shots are due in December. I did this last year and saved $200 on her annual vaccinations.
  7. Search for a new gym. Mine charges $40/month, but I’ve seen offers for $19.95/month elsewhere.
  8. Menu planning. Cook two to three times per week and take the leftovers to work for lunch. Reduce the number of times I buy lunch at a restaurant to once per week.
  9. Use Amazon.com gift cards earned through Swagbucks to stockpile household items, like paper towels, soap and shampoo.
  10. Continue relationship with Republic Wireless. I get talk, text and data for $30 a month, including taxes. Their referral program has ended, but I still have some credits leftover from 2014.
  11. Delay impulse purchases to give myself time to comparison shop.
  12. Browse in brick and mortar stores, then buy online using a combination of a cash back site (TopCashBack) and discounted gift cards (Raise) to reduce my total cost.
  13. Shop at Safeway or Giant, not Whole Foods.
  14. Use Safeway’s website to load coupons to my savings card.
  15. Continue using Ibotta to maximize grocery savings on staples such as milk, bread, eggs and frozen foods. I’ve earned $350 in rebates since May 2014. (Post: Download This Cash Back Grocery App)
  16. Use my Chase Freedom card for 5% back on grocery purchases from January to March.
  17. Retirement savings: Max out my Roth IRA early in the year and fund my 401k at least up to the company match. (Post: My 2015 Money Resolutions)
  18. Find a good person to cut my hair and stick with them! No more repair jobs.
  19. Use my remaining 25,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points to pay for my annual vacation.
  20. Continue taking pet sitting clients through Rover.com on an occasional basis in order to supplement my income.
  21. Always keep a healthy snack in my desk in order to avoid having to take a trip to the vending machine. My goal is ZERO trips to the vending machine this year.
  22. Take advantage of special offers on Swagbucks to try new things for free, earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.
  23. Strategically build my wardrobe. I’m running low on clothes after my washer/dryer started shredding holes in them. Focus on buying items that can be worn with multiple outfits and will last.
  24. Take advantage of at least two bank bonuses or credit card offers. (Good resource: Maximizing Money)
  25. Dine out socially, not alone.
  26. Continue life without cable TV. Compare offers on internet. Currently, I’m with Verizon for about $45/month. Check to see if there are better offers available.
  27. Drink more water. Drink less of everything else.
  28. Reduce the mortgage principal by at least $15,000 in order to save on interest. My interest rate is 4.45%.
  29. Try to fix things before giving up and buying new. For instance, I just patched a hole in my designer jeans for a few bucks instead of buying a new pair.
  30. Stay organized. Maintain stockpile of household items and food to avoid paying full price in a pinch.
  31. Avoid coffee shops at all costs. Continue making coffee at home using my $20 coffee maker and ground coffee purchased at the grocery store.
  32. Go for long walks and hikes. Nature is free.
  33. Happy Hour.
  34. Take care of dog bath’s and nail trim on my own.
  35. Reduce red meat in my diet. Opt for chicken or ground turkey instead. (Post: 9 Ways to Save on Groceries)
  36. Make preventative care a priority. Go to the doctor before March, my 30th birthday. Pay for health-related expenses using remaining funds in my HSA.
  37. Don’t try to keep up with anyone else’s lifestyle.
  38. Book flights mid-week whenever possible for the lowest fare.
  39. Maximize credit card rewards by using the card that will give me the most cash back at all times. There’s a cool app that can help you do this called Walla.by.
  40. Sell unwanted items on sites such as Craigslist or Ebay to make a few bucks.
  41. Avoid shopping when I’m in a bad mood. Avoid shopping when I’m hungry. Avoid shopping when I’m tired. Just AVOID SHOPPING in general.
  42. Keep bulk of emergency fund in an account that earns interest, like Capital One 360.

Want to add to the list? Send me your ideas! Leave them in the comments section. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter.


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