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6 Steps To Mortgage Freedom

I recently revealed the 6-step process I used to pay off my mortgage in an article I wrote for money expert Clark Howard. I’ve written about many of those steps on this website, but I’ll recap in case you don’t ...

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3 Ways I Paid Off My Mortgage Faster

Welcome Rockstar Finance visitors! Since writing this post a few months ago, I’ve written a much more comprehensive one, 6 Steps to Mortgage Freedom. I hope you’ll check that post out after reading this one. Thanks again for dropping by! ...

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How I Destroyed an $86,000 Mortgage in 2 Years

Most people who visit this blog want to know how I paid off my mortgage in 2 years. Below, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions. You may also be interested in 6 STEPS TO MORTGAGE FREEDOM, a comprehensive post about ...

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