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Ways to Save

To Repair or Buy New?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve repeatedly had to make the choice whether to REPAIR or BUY NEW. First, it was with my washer and dryer unit. After it started chewing holes in my clothes, the repairman told me the fix ...

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How I Saved $200 on Pet Vaccinations

This is the time of year when many of us have trouble sticking to our budgets. No kidding, right? But today’s post is about a budget WIN. It’s not a huge win, but it’s the type of win that keeps me ...

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Don’t Fall For This Mortgage Pitch

Today I’m writing with a warning for anyone who has a mortgage. There are third-party companies that may target you with advertisements. These ads will promise to reduce the term of your mortgage by 6 to 10 years by setting up ...

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Easy Way to Get Late Payment Fees Waived

A new CreditCards.com study found 86% of people got their credit card late payment fees waived just by ASKING. That’s right. Picking up the phone and asking. The same study says high-income households were more successful. Yet, only 28% of ...

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Make the Most of a 3 Paycheck Month

Happy Friday– a Payday Friday! In fact, this month happens to be a 3 paycheck month for me. My employer pays me every 2 weeks. Most of the time that works out to 2 paychecks per month, but twice a ...

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Download This Cash Back Grocery App

It’s been a few months since I posted my 9 Ways to Save on Groceries. There’s a lot of valuable information in that article. I still believe the weekly circular is the best place to start in order to save ...

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